Why is Debt Counselling the best solution?

There is usually a myth that Debt Counselling does not work in the best interest of the consumers. To the contrary, when Debt Counselling is undertaken by professionals such as DebtMap, the process will help you repay your debt on time without hustles and harassment from debt collectors.

Most importantly your assets will be legally protected, more over there is no limitations in terms of your debts that can go under Debt Counselling. In the case of a Debt Consolidation Loan, it is impossible to get a lump sum that can pay off your house or vehicle as this will result in high interest payments and installments which are more than your affordability.

Debt Counselling helps you break the Debt-Cycle which you might have found yourself trapped in – that is, you no longer have to borrow money to pay your debts every month because your installments would become affordable and manageable

It is important to understand that Debt Counselling is not a payment holiday or a means to save money by paying less to credit providers. It is a debt-relief measure designed to rehabilitate over-indebted consumers

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