What is Debt Counselling / Debt Review?

Debt Counselling is a debt relief measure provided for in terms of Section 86 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. The process was formulated to assist consumers who are over indebted and are struggling with their debts, by offering:

NCR registered DebtMap financial consultants will discuss with you all best possible tailor-made Debt Management Plan which suits your financial goals. Our goal is to give you the financial power whilst allowing you to have a five-year plan to settle off your debts. That is, Debt Counselling allows for the formulation of a new and affordable repayment plan which is acceptable to all credit providers.

Debt Counselling provides you with legal protection and therefore credit providers will not harass you or repossess your vehicle or any other assets if you continue paying what was agreed upon with creditors.

More information about Debt Counselling can be obtained here

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