Debt Counseling

Debt counselling is a debt relief measure available to all consumers in South Africa which is provided for in the National Credit Act. The process is designed to assist consumers who are over-burdened and struggling with their debts through budget advice and negotiating with the credit providers for reduced payments and restructuring of debts.

No Harassment

No annoying phone calls from debt collectors giving consumers a piece of mind.

Financial Management

Acts as an educational opportunity on how to manage personal finances.

Unlock Cashflow

Pay one consolidated,reduced installment & cut on interest payments.

No Legal Action

No judgments, adverse listings and provides security on assets.

Take Control of Finances

Affords consumers an opportunity to redirect their path to financial freedom.

Credit Score Building

It’s the quickest way to clean credit record as compared to other debt plans

Who can apply for debt counseling?

Any consumers who are struggling to meet their monthly debt obligations but have a distributable income which will be used to offer reduced payment to their credit providers. A qualified Debt Map financial consultant who is registered with National Credit Regulator (NCR) will perform the assessment to determine the consumers’ over-indebtedness before sending an instruction to all credit providers after a power of attorney has been signed by the client.


For more information on how debt counseling can help you, contact Debt Map today for a free discussion with one of our consultants.

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